Wednesday, July 27, 2016

You can support the Free Website Project with your CLICKS.

We created "The Free Website Project" to bring attention to a useful procedure:  The Digital Portfolio.  It's a free website where teenagers display their best work.

Youtube video
collections of photos

Go ahead, see some videos.
Your clicks will draw attention to this procedure that Bill Gates and Oprah support.

Make Your OWN Free Website  (CLICK HERE)
See the Free Website Video
Download the free ebooks   CLICK HERE
Learn about the "Ten Expectations" CLICK HERE

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We are a team of teams in Florida.  We like the High Tech High philosophy of "

We hope you will continue clicking:
[  ] Dr. Fischler's museum 
[  ] Dennis Littky's talk at TEDx NYED
[  ] The Ten Expectations video

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