Monday, July 18, 2016

What would you say to a suggestion that "Your school might find this procedure useful" ???

This is an interesting reply.


Here's what I sent....


I'm a teacher in Broward and I learned about a procedure called "Digital Portfolios"

I'm contacting guidance counselors to find out if you would be interested in learning more about the 

-- the procedure is free.
-- students use their Gmail account
-- the website is free

I have a free video to do the training.

Hope you find this interesting.   I'm giving workshops in August and September.   I'm also training students, if you prefer to let students take the lead in learning this skill of making a web site.

Steve McCrea
advocate of digital portfolios

free training video


There are some schools where the culture is "Let's learn about the best practices of other good schools."


Here is the reply from a guidance counselor in a school in Florida:

Please remove me from your mailing list IMMEDIATELY!!!

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