Thursday, July 21, 2016

The NEXT WORKSHOP for "a Free Website" is at YOUR SCHOOL or at a COFFEE SHOP near you

Find a location with reliable wifi.  Dr. Fischler's museum
Call me and I'll bring my laptop.  (954) 646 8246
If you email me, please include your phone number.
Set up an appointment.

I'm in Dade County twice a week teaching English to executives and employees of international banks.
Some easy locations:
McDonalds on Calle Ocho
1400 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

WHERE:  North of Sheridan, South of Sterling Road, on the west side of I-95
The wifi is reliable.

BROWARD:  Here are four locations where it's easy for me to show up.
WHERE:  600 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, in the Winn-Dixie shopping strip, north of Broward Blvd. and south of Searstown (Sunrise Blvd.).  From I-95 go east on Broward Blvd., turn left and go north on Federal Highway six blocks.  The Winn-Dixie center is on the right and SipJava is in view of the supermarket.
WHEN:  Weekends, usually 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday 2 to 5 pm.
WHERE:  In the Publix plaza across from Galleria, 2500 East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale.  East of I-95.  Bring your bathing suit.  The beach is a 6-minute walk and you can park your car at no cost.  
WHEN:  Weekends, usually 8 am to 5 pm, Sunday 2 to 5 pm.
SunEd High at Margate:  The wifi of the school is reliable.  Ten open computers connected to the Internet in the Career Center. Jeremy Baker has an excellent library (excerpted from the John Vornle Reading List and Dennis Littky's reading list).
WHERE:  1121 Banks Road, Margate, west of I-95, north of Atlantic.  Next to the Florida DMV at Coconut Creek Parkway (east of 441, State Road 7).   Six blocks south of one of the best Parkours centers (Intensity Gym).  
WHEN:  Monday 6-8 a.m. and Friday 6-8 am.
SunEd High in Oakland Park:  The Career Center has space available.   Come in and get to know Ms. Kat.  She has remarkable resources for your resume and curriculum vitae.
WHERE:  2360 West Oakland Park Blvd., west of I-95.  
WHEN:  Weds. 6-8 a.m. Sometimes Friday 1-4 pm.
Call me and arrange for a time to meet.   
Someday there will be a need for paid trainers to go to schools.  Right now, there is virtually no perceived desire for training (two teachers in Dade County have contacted me in July 2016), so I'm giving away this training.

Here's what I suggest.
a) GROUP CLASS:  I can work with a group of teachers or students (I'm happy to train students, since students can give teachers support)
If you want to learn how to make a website just for your own classes or for use in setting your syllabus and homework online (it's soooooo much easier than using more programs that schools subscribe to), I'm happy to share with you the best practices.

b)  ONE ON ONE:  Yes, I will meet you at your school or a wifi spot (Office Depot, Starbucks, whatever).  The training takes 30 minutes but I like to suggest 45 minutes so you can get something valuable for you.   

I can walk you through the steps by phone.

Some people get curious.  Why would a teacher give away a workshop?
Two reasons
1.  High Tech High teachers and students spoke to me and trained me without charging me.  This is a procedure used at one of the best schools in California.  Bill Gates gave money to that school, Oprah Winfrey visited the school.  See the video.
or SEARCH:  "oprah bill gates high tech high school visit"
Get ready for the training by visiting 
click on the websites created by two students  "the simple site"   "the complex site"
2.  Dr. Fischler's work deserves attention.   I learned how to become a "guide on the side instead of a sage on the stage" from him.   His ebook is worth downloading.  Please click here:   Go ahead.  Download the ebook and then share it with others.   He's 88 years young (born in 1928) and his video deserves more views.  You can help make him a YouTube star(!).  his museum

If you are inspired, please write to and send him a quote or ask him a question.  He can reply to you and the reply will become the next post for his blog.   << Dr. Fischler's blog

You can get posters, too.   Free downloads.   

[  ] The single act that I ask from students is to sit with me and click some views on Youtube of Dr. Fischler's training videos.  They take about two minutes of clicking and views.

[  ] I also ask that you look at the training video of 22 minutes just long enough so you can see WHY we need a gmail account.  If you don't have a gmail account, we can find someway for you to get a website.  for the 22-minute video

I can give you the training if you have a gmail account.   (There are other ways to do websites, but they will take longer).    If you are against using Gmail, call me and let's figure out how to make this work for you.

Call me at (954) 646 8246 or text me.   Let's get you on Google Sites or some sort of website.

One of the teachers who contacted me uses this quote.
"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible" - Francis of Assisi

Is it impossible to introduce a procedure to 70,000 high school students without spending more than about $100 in gasoline for a trainer?   Sure.  That's impossible.  So let's start.

Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says 'I'm possible'! Audrey Hepburn
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