Friday, July 8, 2016

Step by Step: Make a free website in 22 minutes

You can find this page at
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Here's the 22 minute video.

Let's go through the steps ...
STEP 1:  Go into your GMAIL account

STEP 2:  Type  ""  and hit the CREATE button.   

You will see this page:

STEP 3:  Type the name of your free site

STEP 4:  Look at the PENCIL on the UPPER RIGHT
 (near the Blue SHARE button)
The pencil is the EDIT icon.
Click on the PENCIL

STEP 5:  Type words across the top of the page.
One word for each of the pages of your website

STEP 6:  Select Projects
LINK:   One of the PROJECTS can be the

These are the typical sub-pages of a Free Website for
showing your work:  It's a DIGITAL PORTFOLIO

STEP 7:  Connect the pages
Highlight the word, click on the "CHAIN" icon
(it is the LINK) and type the name of the link

Step 8:  
You can put the link on the bottom of each page, too
This will give the viewer places to visit at the end of the page

Step 9:  Under SOCIAL MEDIA, consider putting your
POSITIVE photos on display.
Why not create an account that shows the POSITIVE side of you?

To add an image, click on INSERT

then click on IMAGE and find the image

Step 11:  Share the link with friends
Look at the UPPER RIGHT at the BLUE BUTTON
"SHARE" -- you can let your teachers VIEW or
even EDIT your web site

Type to invite a teacher to edit your site
A teacher can add some comments, such as "Spell check!"

This is an option
You could also let your parents
view and perhaps even EDIT your page.
Step 12:   Tell us about your free site.
YOUR Site's LINK is found at the TOP of the page.
Text the link to 
Send a text message to (954) 646 8246
This project is operated by VOLUNTEERS.
We want to see if students can help other students 
If you want to become a "student advisor" (and help other students build their free websites), call (954) 646 8246 or write to
THANK YOU.   You can find this page at

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