Saturday, July 23, 2016

Set up a blog using

To set up a blog, 
Step 1:  go to

Step 2:  Click on "NEW BLOG"

Step 3:  Type in a title for your blog and the address
You can select "SIMPLE" and
change the template later.
Just get started.
Step 3B:  If your title is not available,
this is what you will see

This screenshot shows that the title is available

Step 4:  Now you can click on "New Post"

Step 5:  Type in a "title" (headline)
then start typing the message of your post
in the larger white box.

   Some people prefer LARGE font size because the typical blog has small type.

Step 6:  You can add a video by hovering over
the video ICON, then click on
"From Youtube" and you can paste the code (web address) of a video that you want
to show on your blog.

Step 7:  REMEMBER to hit PUBLISH (to publish) or to hit "SAVE" (if you don't want to publish the post yet).

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