Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Just Go: -- Topics for "titles for pages" in the Digital Portfolio (Free Website): "Favorite Quotes" and "5 movies" and "5 Important Songs" and "5 Expeditions" (all with notes)

Students can create interesting portfolios by adding the following topics
Students can show their personalities and interests through "what I find interesting."
Laugh with me  (funny cartoons or jokes)
Favorite Quotes (what inspires you?)   "These words inspire me"
Music to Move Us  ("Music to change my mood" or "Music to Inspire Us")
My next school  (future training)
Important Places  (Google expeditions)
Ask students to collect screenshots of their explorations.
Important Work (causes that I support)  "Please Click Here"  

If you have not completed an internship, why not show future employers what you are interested in doing?   Find an interesting video about an organization that supports a profession or explains what you want to do.
If you want to work in the health care, perhaps as an ambulance nurse or a paramedic or EMT, why not find an informative video and explain WHY you want to work in this type of job.
Click here

"I see myself doing this work" will motivate me as a viewer to spend more time in your portfolio.

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