Friday, November 11, 2016

"What can I put in my Free Website?" -- Add DISQUS and Pinterest to show places that you are interested in learning more about

What social media do you follow?  What topics are you interested in?  Show them!
Here is an interesting starting point  DISQUS

When you read an interesting article, tweet about it.  (Leave your fingerprints on articles and videos that you like.)

Listen to Minute 9
Post the link on your Facebook page and on Twitter.

Make a short video with your mobile phone and post it on your YouTube account.

Write about a new article or website and put the article on your blog.

See Minute 9

This leader, Linda D-H, explains how math worksheets can sometimes lead students to lack understanding of the concepts behind the worksheets.

The point of this blog post is to encourage students to take time to spread several links for an organization, such as this link to a Youtube, a link to the Facebook and the Link to the Twitter account  and a link to an ARTICLE

For example, here are places that I clicked

If you support Portfolios as a way to show what you can do with what you know, (that's Tony Wagner's phrase), then click your LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Learning Policy Institute.  Why?  Because LPI can help provide legislators with the legistlation language that is needed:

Attn:  Linda Darling-Hammond, president and CEO, 
Learning Policy Institute  


I'm looking for model state legislative language to promote alternative assessment and portfolios.

I've heard that both Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have rules or procedures to allow portfolios to be used in assessing students.

Can a student get a high school diploma through portfolios?   What state laws might allow that?

I'm seeking legislation to propose to my state legislator.

Steve McCrea

Free Website Project


Hi Steve,
Rhode Island has legislation that authorizes graduation by portfolio for all students.  Here’s a summary of their latest iteration.
Because of recent politics they have added test options but the portfolios remain.  We can dig up the original legislation if that would be helpful to you and could potentially work on some model legislation. 
In New Hampshire, graduation is a local decision, so I don’t believe there is state legislation, even though many districts are using performance assessments or portfolios.
Let’s stay in touch.
Regards, Linda

Now you see why I support Learning Policy Institute.

I show my support in my blog.   I can show my blog link in my digital portfolio.

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