Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FREE WEBSITE PROJECT has two free workshops to offer local groups -- Attract more foot traffic to your next event

TO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS:  Do you need a way to "pull in more foot traffic"?
How about a free workshop?   I'll do these workshops at no charge.   
Lawyers do work "pro bono" and teachers can, too.

Steve McCrea
How can I assist your organization?    FREE WEBSITE PROJECT

I'm a high school teacher with a free website program.

It's a program that is offered in California and I've started a project here in Florida.  It's free.

"Get a free website in under 30 minutes"
Anyone with a gmail account can make a free website
A typical account has 15 gigabytes free for building a site.
Students in California use the free site to display their school work and projects (to show colleges "here's what I did to earn that 3.6 grade point average")
People who want to present their work or who want a free space on the internet can use Google Sites for 

This workshop allows you to use your gmail account to set up a free website.

This presentation is for:
- Teenagers (preparing for college)
- Anyone who has a resume (the website can display the resume)
- Authors and artists who want to create a free DIGITAL PORTFOLIO
 - Parents who want to capture their child's school work (preserve posters and video performances in one place)

It takes 23 minutes to set up a free website. NEEDED:  Wifi for the audience to log into. People in the audience can upload their materials and set up their personal sites during the workshop.



"Get Your Book Published on Amazon for under $10"
Amazon's self-publishing website, Createspace, lets you turn a word document into a book with a barcode, ready to sell in any bookstore.   Steve McCrea, a high school teacher, has published over 35 books using this method, helping his students get their names on Amazon's list of authors.

The 30-minute workshop allows audience members to set up their Createspace account and prepare a document for publication ... printing in black and white (under $5 for a book of 128 pages) or color (starting at $15).  

Intended audiences:
-- students who want to put their poems and journals into print
-- unpublished writers and authors
-- families that want to create an album of photos from a trip.   A typical photo album of 120 photos on 60 pages can be created for under $15.


You can see these materials at

(publish a book for under $10)

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