Friday, August 19, 2016

Where we can run an experiment at no cost to the school district?

Can the following experiment be done in a school?:  If ten students are shown the method ("how to make a free website") and if those students are shown websites made by students in California, would those students...
a) make their own sites
b)  keep materials on those sites
c)  show their friends how to make free websites?

Steve McCrea
Free Website Project
a free project
-- free videos
-- free platform (Google Sites)
-- free support for teachers (by phone and text, face to face, and by email)
(954) 646 8246

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Digital portfolios are a great way to showcase work, share with others, and reinforce learning. CMU had good intentions for my teacher portfolio.  I felt the purpose was to get hired by showcasing my work and sharing it with possible employers.  Really it was to reinforce learning along the way to becoming a teacher.  David Niguidula 2005, has a great article called Documenting Learning with Digital Portfolios.  He states, “portfolios must be part of a purposeful assessment program with clear learning goals.”  He outlines essential questions that schools need to address before establishing a digital portfolio system.  Ultimately, his article should be used as a guideline when setting up your schools digital portfolios.    -- 
  C M Lindberg

As a school counselor, I could see using digital portfolios in two ways.  First, I could see high school students creating digital portfolios throughout high school and then finishing with a cumulative assessment at the end of their senior year. These are sometimes referred to as a Senior Capstone e-Portfolio.  By providing students with a way to showcase work they will have a clearer vision as a learner, find pride in their work, and share with possible colleges or employers.   C M Lindberg

PURPOSE of a Free Website:
One of the reasons for keeping a blog or journal for science students is to have a place where students can capture and RETRIEVE previous thoughts.   

Where we can run an experiment at no cost to the school district?
The time spent by an administrator to set working conditions for the experiment.
Access to ten computers and the Internet

This experiment is already taking place at SunEd High Charter School in Margate and Oakland Park, Florida

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  1. You can get a one-minute summary in a video at

  2. You can get a one-minute summary in a video at