Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to promote the Free Website Project in bookstores

This might be a helpful way of teaching parents about the Free Website Project.

Here's the message that I sent to the store.

Book Store
What a great idea! A facebook page for your store... i particularly like the employees Anson and Sarah and Ashlynn who are featured. I am a high school teacher and I want to train my studetns to have the smiles and online presence that you have. I've created a project that brings the FREE WEBSITE (digital portfolio) procedure from California to Florida. I will be in Melbourne either this weekend or next weekend. 
Is it possible to drop by your store for two or three hours to set up a table to answer questions that parents might have about "how to sue websites to improve your child's education"? 
It's a free program and I hope you will be the first place in Melbourne to support the process by allowing a display in your store for a few hours. 
I give away cards that show the steps to making a free website using a gmail account. my phone is 954 6468246 and I hope we can connect. 
I'll try calling sometime today. 
thank you Steve McCrea and this is the free ebook and Createspace book that I got printed. I could also sell the book through your store.

The B and N bookstore in Melbourne has a delightful way of reaching out to the community with 

I have proposed a two-hour display with Q and A about Free Websites.

My students could learn from Ashlynn about how to write a novel

What are the procedures and methods to participate in a fantasy league?

Clearly this store organizes interesting activities

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