Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to promote the Free Website Project in bookstores

This might be a helpful way of teaching parents about the Free Website Project.

Here's the message that I sent to the store.

Book Store
What a great idea! A facebook page for your store... i particularly like the employees Anson and Sarah and Ashlynn who are featured. I am a high school teacher and I want to train my studetns to have the smiles and online presence that you have. I've created a project that brings the FREE WEBSITE (digital portfolio) procedure from California to Florida. I will be in Melbourne either this weekend or next weekend. 
Is it possible to drop by your store for two or three hours to set up a table to answer questions that parents might have about "how to sue websites to improve your child's education"? 
It's a free program and I hope you will be the first place in Melbourne to support the process by allowing a display in your store for a few hours. 
I give away cards that show the steps to making a free website using a gmail account. my phone is 954 6468246 and I hope we can connect. 
I'll try calling sometime today. 
thank you Steve McCrea and this is the free ebook and Createspace book that I got printed. I could also sell the book through your store.

The B and N bookstore in Melbourne has a delightful way of reaching out to the community with 

I have proposed a two-hour display with Q and A about Free Websites.

My students could learn from Ashlynn about how to write a novel

What are the procedures and methods to participate in a fantasy league?

Clearly this store organizes interesting activities

Saturday, August 20, 2016

What do College Students and College Professors say about Digital Portfolios?

"If what we want is to deepen learning and to facilitate transfer of knowledge, e-portfolios provide a strategy that allows students to archive their work over time."Here are some quotes from a website created by the AACU

College Professor
If what we want is to deepen learning and to facilitate transfer of knowledge, for the first time, e-portfolios provide a strategy that allows students to archive their work over time. The critical part is that they also use those artifacts for intentional and promoted reflection that supports connecting the learning across courses and disciplines and to their own lives and passions. In this way, e-portfolios become a scaffold of learning experiences from the curriculum and the cocurriculum that students use to demonstrate and articulate the increasing sophistication and complexity of their understanding and thinking throughout their educational career and beyond.
Judith Patton, associate dean,
School of Fine and Performing Arts, Portland State University

College Student
I didn’t know what an e-portfolio was when I first heard about it in class….My professor suggested to me that I develop the “about me” section of my e-portfolio because there, I would have the opportunity to write more about myself and so I did. In that first e-portfolio I wrote about Palmira (Valle), the city where I was born in Colombia, and I wrote about Medellin, where I used to spend my vacations of school….and I wrote about the cultural assimilation process I was going through.
The second time I was asked to develop my e-portfolio, I had a lot more to share. I was in third semester at LaGuardia and I had already taken most of the classes connected to my major, so I decided include my academic work and goals that would make my family proud of me….my priority was to focus on my personal growth in my schoolwork and what I was learning at LaGuardia. After putting up my projects in my e-portfolio, I then started to think more about my future and my career.
Now, with more knowledge of computer programs for developing Web pages, I decided to use my e-portfolio as an opportunity to show and demonstrate all the skills that I have learned throughout my journey at LaGuardia Community College….All together, my third e-portfolio demonstrates me as a professional who is looking toward her future and who has many goals to reach.
Not only have I gained technical skills, but I’ve learned how to express myself as a serious student and a hard worker. The different sections of my e-portfolio made me realize the important things about how I see myself starting at LaGuardia, how I see myself now and in my future. My experience with e-portfolio at LaGuardia has made me see more of whom I want to be and how I can accomplish my goals.
LaGuardia College

"The different sections of my e-portfolio made me realize the important things about how I see myself starting at LaGuardia, how I see myself now and in my future."

See more by clicking HERE


KEY POINT:  Office 365 users can use WIX to make free websites

Here's a way to make free websites in Office 365 using wix

Office 365 users can now create code-free websites without ever having to leave the confines of the program thanks to a partnership with
Office 365 subscribers will be able to select to create and then launch an online presence from within the platform and it's even open to subscribers that already host a domain using Office 365 (which makes us wonder whether this has anything to do with Microsoft's decision to kill Sharepoint's Public Website feature).
Wix offers small businesses and individuals an extensive tool to create websites with hundreds of templates to choose from, a drag-and-drop website editor, mobile and e-commerce integration, and the chance to input business management apps from the Wix App Market.
Office 365 is a subscription-based alternative to the desktop-based version of Office, which is same way that Windows in the future after it announced plans to offer "Windows-as-a-service" through continuous updates to the platform.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Where we can run an experiment at no cost to the school district?

Can the following experiment be done in a school?:  If ten students are shown the method ("how to make a free website") and if those students are shown websites made by students in California, would those students...
a) make their own sites
b)  keep materials on those sites
c)  show their friends how to make free websites?

Steve McCrea
Free Website Project
a free project
-- free videos
-- free platform (Google Sites)
-- free support for teachers (by phone and text, face to face, and by email)
(954) 646 8246

For additional reading

Digital portfolios are a great way to showcase work, share with others, and reinforce learning. CMU had good intentions for my teacher portfolio.  I felt the purpose was to get hired by showcasing my work and sharing it with possible employers.  Really it was to reinforce learning along the way to becoming a teacher.  David Niguidula 2005, has a great article called Documenting Learning with Digital Portfolios.  He states, “portfolios must be part of a purposeful assessment program with clear learning goals.”  He outlines essential questions that schools need to address before establishing a digital portfolio system.  Ultimately, his article should be used as a guideline when setting up your schools digital portfolios.    -- 
  C M Lindberg

As a school counselor, I could see using digital portfolios in two ways.  First, I could see high school students creating digital portfolios throughout high school and then finishing with a cumulative assessment at the end of their senior year. These are sometimes referred to as a Senior Capstone e-Portfolio.  By providing students with a way to showcase work they will have a clearer vision as a learner, find pride in their work, and share with possible colleges or employers.   C M Lindberg

PURPOSE of a Free Website:
One of the reasons for keeping a blog or journal for science students is to have a place where students can capture and RETRIEVE previous thoughts.   

Where we can run an experiment at no cost to the school district?
The time spent by an administrator to set working conditions for the experiment.
Access to ten computers and the Internet

This experiment is already taking place at SunEd High Charter School in Margate and Oakland Park, Florida

For more Info
(954) 646 8246

Important articles about "Why do high school students need free websites to collect their best academic work?"

A list of important articles about Digital Portfolios

The TIme Article


The Locker

The KQED Article

Search Results

[PDF]The Radical New Ways Colleges Are Sizing Up Students
Goucher College
Apr 7, 2016 - Jesse Burke for TIME ... creative materials like personal videos, digital portfolios, even comic ... For them, building a digital portfolio could add.
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What Will Digital Portfolios Mean for College-Bound Students? - KQED
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Every Student Should Have A Digital Portfolio | Getting Smart
Jun 26, 2015 - Development of a digital portfolio is at the heart of a college and career readiness program at Grandview High School, which is located in ...

[PDF]A Guide to Understanding Student E-Portfolios - ESC-20
Student E-Portfolios. K-12 Digital Portfolio Programs for College and Career Readiness ... DublinHigh School Junior E-Portfolio: Showcases of classroom work for the semester. 17 ..... For a district's e-portfolio goals to be met, students need.

Every Student Should Have a Digital Portfolio - Huffington Post
The Huffington Post
Jun 24, 2015 - Development of a digital portfolio is at the heart of a college and career readiness program at Grandview High School, which is located in ...

4 Free Web Tools for Student Portfolios | Edutopia
May 20, 2014 - Guest blogger Dave Guymon says that student portfolios are ... with everything theyneed to help students create their digital portfolios safely. .... present a portfolio of their assignments throughout their high school experience.

Example High School Digital Portfolios
Gary and Jerri‑Ann Jacobs High Tech High Charter S...
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Education World: Using Technology | Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 ... › Technology Integration › @ Tech
Education World
Guidelines for Developing a Digital Portfolio Program ... four years, Todd Bergman has helped more than 550 high school students produce digital portfolios.

Response: Ways To Help Students Develop Digital Portfolios - Blogs
Education Week
Jun 5, 2015 - How can we teachers use digital portfolios to help students show what .... similar outcomes in elementary, high school, and college settings. ... use to understand students' abilities and performances need to expand as well.

High Tech High: Digital Portfolios - What Kids Can Do
HIGH TECH HIGH INTRO l DIGITAL PORTFOLIOS ... project-based learning that characterize HighTech High, the school instead asks students to capture their ...
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Sunday, August 7, 2016

If you have a resume, why not add a Free Website to show your talents?

A poster

You can see Abel Thon's site at

Suggestions for "things to put into your Free Website"

Are you looking for something to put on your Digital Portfolio (your Free Website)?
You can learn more in a free ebook
How about an essay?
How about a drawing?
How about a proposal?  Is there something that you would like to see happen in the world?  
Do you have a suggestion about "how to improve"  (something) "in my city"?

You might even have a suggestion for a Google Doodle.   Here's a description of the doole.

Doodles are the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.

How did the idea for doodles originate?

In 1998, before the company was even incorporated, the concept of the doodle was born when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. They placed a stick figure drawing behind the 2nd "o" in the word, Google, and the revised logo was intended as a comical message to Google users that the founders were "out of office.". While the first doodle was relatively simple, the idea of decorating the company logo to celebrate notable events was born.
Two years later in 2000, Larry and Sergey asked current webmaster Dennis Hwang, an intern at the time, to produce a doodle for Bastille Day. It was so well received by our users that Dennis was appointed Google's chief doodler and doodles started showing up more and more regularly on the Google homepage. In the beginning, the doodles mostly celebrated familiar holidays; nowadays, they highlight a wide array of events and anniversaries from the Birthday of John James Audubon to the Ice Cream Sundae.
Over time, the demand for doodles has risen in the U.S. and internationally. Creating doodles is now the responsibility of a team of talented illlustrators (we call them doodlers) and engineers. For them, creating doodles has become a group effort to enliven the Google homepage and bring smiles to the faces of Google users around the world.

How many doodles has Google done over the years?

The team has created over 2000 doodles for our homepages around the world.

Who chooses what doodles will be created and how do you decide which events will receive doodles?

A group of Googlers get together regularly to brainstorm and decide which events will be celebrated with a doodle. The ideas for the doodles come from numerous sources including Googlers and Google users. The doodle selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google's personality and love for innovation.

Who designs the doodles?

There is a team of illustrators (we call them doodlers) and engineers that are behind each and every doodle you see.

How can Google users/the public submit ideas for doodles?

The doodle team is always excited to hear ideas from users - they can email with ideas for the next Google doodle. The team receives hundreds of requests every day so we unfortunately can't respond to everyone. But rest assured that we're reading them :)