Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How can the Free Website Project help teachers and students use Google Drive to organize and collect projects and exhibitions?

Here is a document that might help teachers use Google Drive

Find this document at

How to combine Projects, Portfolios, Google Drive and Exhibitions

Steve McCrea (954) 646 8246

Google Docs
Posters, Google Docs,
Exhibitions, Performances of Understanding
Private or Unlisted to protect privacy
Powerpoint, Prezi, Slideshows
Google Slides, PDF
Create a book
Createspace on
Portfolio on the web
Google Sites
Writing and Collaborating (working together)
Blogger, Wordpress
Collections of “what’s important to me”
Photo Gallery
Instagram,Snapchat, Facebook,
“Market a book”  Persuade us to read a poem or analyze lyrics of a song
Create a business card, make posters on, (reviews)
Create a fan page, create an article
Wikipedia article (editing, create an article)

Begin with the End in Mind
How to present the idea to students:  
  1. Look at what kids do at High Tech High schools in California
  2. (12 book reviews by Ben Staley)  and  4 pages, 3 photos and an internship
  3. Step-by-step help at

Each student has a website for showing his/her work.  Students don’t need to create the page (I can do that, with the help of student volunteers).  

“Time is a variable” -- students have extra time to submit their work.  

A reflection about each project by students.

Typical layout of the work will include a summary page (below) showing the rubric for evaluating projects

Projects can include work in other classes.  
One large project can earn credit in several subjects.
Needed:  Communication with other teachers

Teacher can create the website and add the student as an editor.
Or  Student can create the website and documents and add the teacher as an editor.

Teacher adds comments to the Google Doc essay

Summary Page for each student
(an example)

Not there yet
Student’s reasons about this rating
Teacher’s evaluation
Project 1

I feel I put a lot of effort into thisproject.  I met with my Science teacher and my history teacher so I can get points for those classes with this project

Project 2


I completed the items that the rubric requires

Project 3
Book review


I turned this project on time and I have at least three people who made comments about my review.

Project 4
Movie review


I made a poster in addition to writing an essay.  I posted a review on Amazon and I got two other students to “like” my review

Project 5

I need help in getting started.  I don’t have a good idea and I really don’t like this project

Other skills
How to deliver the skills
Ten finger typing
Search “free course 10 finger typing”
Bigger vocabulary
Spread the Words SAT app
Mental math practice
Math Workout app
Learn another language
Translate Google app

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