Monday, October 10, 2016

What resources and what items can we put on our DIGITAL PORTFOLIO

Here is the start of a list of items to add to a digital portfolio
A Digital Library
What ebooks do you recommend?
Do you have a list of books that you have read?
What is your "mind set" (what do you carry in your head?)
In addition to a list of books, why not write two or three sentences about each book to encourage others to read or at least look at the wiki summary of the book?

See the John Vornle Library to get an idea of what a useful "annotated bibliography" does to guide other readers.
This is my current digital library

Blogs, Newsletters and Magazines that I read often
National Geographic magazine

void of musings by Proud Heng
Austin Kleon's newsletter (recommended by teachers at Miami Art Charter School)
Carol Dweck's website 

Ross Cooper's blog about digital portfolios (found via the Daily that I set up for Digital Portfolios.

List of Subscriptions
What does the potential employee read?   What is in the head of that person?  What does that applicant bring to our organization?  Does that person know about Dan Pink's ideas?   How about the "growth mindset" of Carol Dweck?  If that applicant is subscribed to Dan Pink's blog, then yes!

What channels do you subscribe to?

Facebook Pages that I like

Are you a beta tester?
If you are a beta tester, using a service like, you communicate to the world that "I serve" and "I'm curious."   That's helpful for some employers to know.
Look at this profile that BetaBound asks:

What scenes from a YouTube channel can you recommend?    What does your recommendation tell future employers about you?

For example, I can post these screenshots from a video and a future employer can think, "Hey, this guy Steve likes space.  He takes time to look for patterns, such as the three peninsulas in the north of Greece, so that he knows that the next shot shows the island of Crete.  Steve can see patterns."

Go here

It was in a live shot.  I'm not sure
this video will still be there

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