Thursday, September 1, 2016

Websites at other High Schools? What happens to a portfolio that is kept behind a classroom management system?

Here's a link to a mention of a portfolio

Can this portfolio be seen by the general public?


How about here?


Here's a system at Stonington High School in Pawcatuck, Conn.

Student Success Plan  SSP

The SHS Digital Portfolio System allows students to:
Select a career pathway
Design a course of study, based on the SHS courses, to meet that career
Establish personal goals to act as milestones towards that career
Link samples of their class work as evidence that they are meeting personal goals and district and state standards
Create "tours" of their work - collections of work samples (including resumes and capstone projects) that can be presented to audiences both in and out of the school, via a student-led conference
Reflect on individual entries, and on overall progress
See reports on data collected by the school, including test scores
Capture links from career sites, such as Naviance
View assessments from teachers who review work using school-wide rubrics and expectations developed for NEASC
Use the SSP as a planning tool for high school to colleges/workforce transition
Document students' career exploration and work-based activities related to career pathways

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