Monday, September 26, 2016

Big Picture Schools in Rhode Island use portfolios

Here is what the webpage about portfolios looks like at Big Picture schools

portfolios at Big Picture school

Each student keeps an accumulated documentation of his or her work. It may be organized in a portfolio box, a portfolio binder, and/or digitally. Students may use various methods of organizing their work based on different goals. The method is planned in conjunction with the advisor.
Here’s some ways to help you organize your portfolio:
Use Your Working Portfolio
  • Save all drafts of your work.
  • Keep it organized.
Clean it out every trimester and store completed work in your Portfolio Box.
Create Your Final Presentation Portfolio
You will present a Final Presentation Portfolio at the end of the year to show your growth and learning to your exhibition panel. Put your best work in this Portfolio to show you are ready to move on to the next grade. Don’t forget to do this online as well.
Here is a sample list of what to include in your Final Presentation Portfolio:
  1. A cover letter discussing your work and learning over the year
  2. A resumé listing all of your LTI work and learning experiences
  3. Evidence of LTI search work (InformationalInterviews and Job Shadow Anthropologies)
  4. LTI Anthropologies for each LTI this year
  5. Project Documentation Paper for each project this year
  6. Final products - photos, samples, and videos of products you’ve created throughout the year
  7. All of your Learning Plans from the year
  8. All of your student and advisor narratives from the year
  9. A mentor assessment
  10. Your transcript
  11. A college transcript of any college courses you’ve taken
  12. Letters of recommendation
Look at Other Students’ Portfolios
  • Look at the Portfolios of other students, particularly older students. Seeing other examples will give you ideas for making your Portfolios even better in the future.
Get Feedback
  • Show your Working Portfolio and Final Presentation Portfolio to your Learning Plan Team and some other students. Ask for their suggestions.
  • Make sure your Portfolio is more impressive each time you present it
After you’ve made a Final Presentation Portfolio,write about the process and end result. Think about these questions:
  • How did you decide what to include in your Final Presentation Portfolio?
  • When the Portfolio was finished, how did you think it looked? Were you proud of the results? Were you surprised at how professional it was?
  • Did you think the Portfolio represented you and your progress well? Why or why not?
  • What would you like to include next time to improve your Final Presentation Portfolio?
  • What did you learn from looking at other students’ Portfolios?
  • Whose did you like the best and why?

Monday, September 12, 2016

What should I put in my Free Website (digital portfolio)?


Here are some of the apps that are on my phone:
Math Workout
Translate Google

There are too many apps for one device, so I have a small tablet with 16 GB of storage for 

Here's what's in my DP (digital portfolio)

Here are the newsletters that I subscribe to:

Here are some of the YouTube channels that I subscribe to:

Here are some of the Facebook pages that I have liked:

Here are some of the pages that I have created on Facebook:

Show your creative side and creating side

Ken Robinson points out the difference between "imagitnation" and "creativity"
Creativity is having original ideas that have value.
imagination =  having original ideas.

One way to measure the value of an idea is to see how many "likes" are on that idea.   I admit that I have a strong imagination.  Look at the number of YouTube videos that I've posted... that have under 100 views.

Here's an interesting piece:  400,000 views for a video that shows how to pronounce the alphabet in English and how to show the 12 tenses (past, present and future).  Clearly my informal approach has appealed to 1/100th of 1 percent of the world's population or one out of 10,000 people.  

A college admissions officer can see when a young person has a strong imagination.  What can you do to create an original idea that has value (are you creative?)?  One of the easiest ways to show your creativity is to connect your imagination with a service.  

Where have you volunteered?
What did you do there?  Ask if you can make a video.  Many organizations will LOVE the added attention from a video posted on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.
Making a list of 200 or 400 hours of places where you have volunteered gets my attention.
Showing me a video from one of your sessions of volunteering will impress me if:
-- the video is steady
-- the video is edited (or at least tell us where to look in the video)
-- there is a frame from the video pulled out so we can know where to look in the video.  "Here is DeMonn Sands playing the sax in the concert."

Yes, I'm impressed that one of my students plays an instrument.  I'm even more impressed when I can hear the playing "Live" when I want to hear it... and I don't have to wait.

The next level of attention is to pull that video down from the Internet (use and then edit that video.

  Keepvid costs $29 for a lifetime use.  You can get a free service from Computer Hope

After you try the free service from Computer Hope, you might want to look at downloading the Ummy video downloader, if you plan to edit many YouTube videos.

I went to the video showing the Dillard High School band  DeMonn's site
Look at the 11th minute...
Here are some of my Pinterest collections (boards)

Here is what my LinkedIn page looks like:

Here are some of the accounts that I follow on Twitter:

Here is a list of some of my blogs:

Here are some of the blogs that I subscribe to:

Create a page where you describe and summarize five books that have helped shape your view of the world or that have impressed you.

Here's my list.

You can find more at the   (my friend John Vornle compiled a list of summaries for over 100 books).   Tell the college admissions officer WHY that book or article is on your list.  If possible, show a quote from the book (to show that you really read part of the book and you give the reader a chance to say, "Oh, yes, I've read a part of that book" because you have quoted an important paragraph.

What books or ebooks or websites have you created?
Get a to make the link easy to recommend.

For example, "look at the run by Willie Murphy"   <<< that's my ebook about digital portfolios

What are the steps to editing a video?   In iMovie, it's easier than with many other formats.  Here's how I edit a video.
Find a Mac.  (If you know how to edit on MovieMaker or other Windows programs, please contact me so I can put the tips in the next edition of this blog post).


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Websites at other High Schools? What happens to a portfolio that is kept behind a classroom management system?

Here's a link to a mention of a portfolio

Can this portfolio be seen by the general public?


How about here?


Here's a system at Stonington High School in Pawcatuck, Conn.

Student Success Plan  SSP

The SHS Digital Portfolio System allows students to:
Select a career pathway
Design a course of study, based on the SHS courses, to meet that career
Establish personal goals to act as milestones towards that career
Link samples of their class work as evidence that they are meeting personal goals and district and state standards
Create "tours" of their work - collections of work samples (including resumes and capstone projects) that can be presented to audiences both in and out of the school, via a student-led conference
Reflect on individual entries, and on overall progress
See reports on data collected by the school, including test scores
Capture links from career sites, such as Naviance
View assessments from teachers who review work using school-wide rubrics and expectations developed for NEASC
Use the SSP as a planning tool for high school to colleges/workforce transition
Document students' career exploration and work-based activities related to career pathways

Examples of free websites by teachers (from High Tech High)

What do free websites look like?
When a teacher creates a digital portfolio, what does it look like?

The leader at High Tech High International is Brett Peterson

Staff DPs

Here is a teacher's portfolio

Here is his pass/fail system

Here are some examples from High Tech High.

Director at High Tech Media Arts

A donation made to support High Tech High is made annually using proceeds earned from the sale of books.