Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Your testimonial, your website work and your positive words and clicks will spread this Free Website Project -- YOU HAVE THE POWER OF ONE CLICK

When I started this Free Website Project, I asked:
What pay will satisfy me?
(a) If I ask for $500 per workshop, I might teach one workshop a year.
(b) If I ask for clicks and testimonials, I might share this FREE WORKSHOP with dozens of people.
I choose (b).

Begin with the end in mind.
(Steven Covey)
The goal is to have thousands of students with websites, showing their best work.
[  ] Create a site for yourself.  Send me the link and I'll post it on the "Free Websites List" that is on this blog.

[  ] Create a site with at least two students.  Give them the skill that you now have.   Send the links to me (with the permission of the students) and I'll add the links to the "Free Websites List" that is on this blog.  
manyposters.free@blogger.com  << EMAIL
and write a testimonial:  "My website is up!  Thank you!"

[  ] Click on the CLICK CAMPAIGN for Dr. Fischler.  Give views to the philosopher who said "Learning should be fun for the learner and the teacher."  

[  ] Share the ebooks.  Spread the word.  Click below, right now, and download these books.  Then email the books to friends and urge them to read or "LOOK AT PAGE 10!"

[  ] Post the links to social media.   
[  ] www.TINYURL.com/FischlerEbook   Dr. Fischler's quotes and commentaries.
[  ] www.TINYURL.com/projectsandportfolios   the list of ebooks

[  ] www.TINYURL.com/exampleDP   Let Ben Staley's site speak.
[  ] www.TINYURL.com/HTHdps   Let the High Tech High School site with the list of Digital Portfolios speak for this project.   "Do you want your students to show their work to a college admission officer?"
www.Tiny.cc/AbelSite   let other people see the simple site with "four pages, three projects and an internship"

[  ] Spread the link to this blog.   FreeWebsiteProject.blogspot.com

Other Videos

[  ] Dennis Littky and Small Schools.

[  ] NPR April 25, 2005 interview.  (worth your time)

[  ] ADD HITS to LeavingToLearn.org

[  ] HOLA mi nombre es Nancy.   GIVE A CLICK   203 hits in July 2016  

[  ] ENGLISH VERSION  115,000 hits in July 2016

[  ] Hang a poster in your room.
[  ] Show the 11 Steps.
[  ] Give away the pens and the list of ebooks.
[  ] Invite people to click on Dr. Fischler’s videos
[  ] Abraham Fischler transform education

[  ] The ONE CLICK campaign
(954) 646 8246 give my number to someone who might want to learn how to make a free website

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