Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Pitch to conference organizers: Is there space in your list of workshops for "Free Website Project: Learn how to give students a free digital portfolio using Google Drive and Sites"?

Here is the pitch to organizers of conferences.
I'm a high school teacher and I'd like to share a free workshop with your organization.

I have learned about a best practice from a school in California.   It's called "digital portfolios" and I'm sharing what I learned in a free workshop.

Is there time to be added to your conference program? I'd like to make a presentation at your next conference.
Download the Free Website Powerpoint
Is it possible to distribute brochures and "how to do it" sheets at your conference?

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This is a non profit effort.   I'm offering to public schools a free workshop... and teachers don't need to take the course.  In 45 mintues a student can learn how to make a free website using a gmail account and learn how to display essays, videos and other work --- so that college admissions officers can look at the materials that earned the kid a 3.40 GPA.   

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If thirty students are shown the technique, it's possible for these "student advisors" to spread the procedure to other students just by showing their websites.  "How did you make that?  I want to learn how to do that!"

This system is used at High Tech High in California.
Here's a screenshot of a typical digital portfolio.

In the workshop I show the screenshots of samples of websites created by students.  Participants leave with a sample website if there is wifi in the conference room.
Expected progress after training 30 students at a school

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I had heard of physical portfolios, but this digital idea allows students to collect in one place all of their projects -- "forever" (as long as Google is around).  Perhaps you are aware that Google has "unlimited" storage space for projects created on Google Drive.

You can look at the ebook, if you are interested.   It's all free and I wonder if there is a place for this presentation in your conference.

Thank you for your time.

Steve McCrea   +1  (954) 646 8246
Free Website Project

Download the Free Website Powerpoint

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