Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How can the Free Website Project help teachers and students use Google Drive to organize and collect projects and exhibitions?

Here is a document that might help teachers use Google Drive

Find this document at

How to combine Projects, Portfolios, Google Drive and Exhibitions

Steve McCrea (954) 646 8246

Google Docs
Posters, Google Docs,
Exhibitions, Performances of Understanding
Private or Unlisted to protect privacy
Powerpoint, Prezi, Slideshows
Google Slides, PDF
Create a book
Createspace on
Portfolio on the web
Google Sites
Writing and Collaborating (working together)
Blogger, Wordpress
Collections of “what’s important to me”
Photo Gallery
Instagram,Snapchat, Facebook,
“Market a book”  Persuade us to read a poem or analyze lyrics of a song
Create a business card, make posters on, (reviews)
Create a fan page, create an article
Wikipedia article (editing, create an article)

Begin with the End in Mind
How to present the idea to students:  
  1. Look at what kids do at High Tech High schools in California
  2. (12 book reviews by Ben Staley)  and  4 pages, 3 photos and an internship
  3. Step-by-step help at

Each student has a website for showing his/her work.  Students don’t need to create the page (I can do that, with the help of student volunteers).  

“Time is a variable” -- students have extra time to submit their work.  

A reflection about each project by students.

Typical layout of the work will include a summary page (below) showing the rubric for evaluating projects

Projects can include work in other classes.  
One large project can earn credit in several subjects.
Needed:  Communication with other teachers

Teacher can create the website and add the student as an editor.
Or  Student can create the website and documents and add the teacher as an editor.

Teacher adds comments to the Google Doc essay

Summary Page for each student
(an example)

Not there yet
Student’s reasons about this rating
Teacher’s evaluation
Project 1

I feel I put a lot of effort into thisproject.  I met with my Science teacher and my history teacher so I can get points for those classes with this project

Project 2


I completed the items that the rubric requires

Project 3
Book review


I turned this project on time and I have at least three people who made comments about my review.

Project 4
Movie review


I made a poster in addition to writing an essay.  I posted a review on Amazon and I got two other students to “like” my review

Project 5

I need help in getting started.  I don’t have a good idea and I really don’t like this project

Other skills
How to deliver the skills
Ten finger typing
Search “free course 10 finger typing”
Bigger vocabulary
Spread the Words SAT app
Mental math practice
Math Workout app
Learn another language
Translate Google app

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Second Phone (WIFI only, no SIM card, no monthly cost, a pre-owned phone) and 500 apps: What apps would you put on your second phone?

Someday, with 64 GB of storage on a mobile's card, we can see 500 apps.

What will some of those apps include?
That's the theme of this post.  What apps would you put on your second phone?   Part of your digital portfolio is "WHAT DO YOU CARRY ON YOUR PHONE?"   students can start building a free website.  This is perhaps the single most useful tip in this list.  I will repeat it.   Tony Wagner of Harvard University has stated that the cheapest innovation that schools can introduce is to ask students to set up a website to display their accomplishments.   What can you do with what you have learned?  (That's the key question.  Not, "What is your SAT score?" or "What is your GPA?")

The single most important thing you could do tomorrow for little to no money is have every student establish a digital portfolio where they collect their best work as evidence of their skills. Where they’re working with their teachers and other adults to present their best work, to iterate their best work, so that they actually have real progress they can show.   -- TONY WAGNER



If you are interested in hearing my latest applications of apps and how they might assist your students. let me know.  I have recently added a second telephone and I currently have over 50 apps on the memory card.  The phone is used and works only in wifi and has no monthly charges

i particularly like the fast processing that is required with Math Workout and the vocabulary processing in Spread the Words SAT.   

Math workout free

Spread the words, free (volume 2)

Spread the words, free  (volume 1)

Students are encouraged to obtain a SECOND phone that will not have a monthly contract (no SIM card).  The phone will have app installed

Offline writing on Google Docs is possible with the Google Docs app

Google Drive is available in Wifi

Photos Google app
Students should record parts of the teacher's lectures that are important to the student.  The student can also record his/her own performances of understanding and perhaps the reocrdings of teams (with their permission) because teens often learn more from another student.

Google Drive.   Doesn't every phone come with Google Drive?  Do people use it?

EverNote to keep notes

Translate Google app  Download the dictionary so you can have access to the dictionary when you are away from WIFI
I currently have Arabic Spanish, Russian and Portuguese on this download.  What's the next language?

Duo lingo app to improve another language

If you have an app that you think would be a good addition to this group of apps, let me know.  I want to spread the idea of TWO PHONES, one for WIFI only and only for Apps.

Connectivity is important to encourage world citizenship and responsible digital connection.  If you are connected, then you can respond.
If you want to be responsible and want to make a difference and have an impact, then get a second phone and connect with
Messenger is optional (I found the little message photo annoying)

Satellite app (keep looking up)
edX for online learning
CellWorld to review Biology

Yelp to leave reviews.
How about leaving a review and becoming a Google Local Guide?

Free Drive storage offer for Local Guides

If you become a Local Guide Level 4+, you can receive free Google Drive storage for one year.

STEP 1: Sign up to join Local Guides

STEP 2: Become a Local Guide Level 4+

Your Local Guides level depends on the number of points you've earned. Currently, you can unlock Level 4 benefits at 200 points. Learn more

STEP 3: Get free Drive storage

Once you reach Local Guides Level 4+, you can visit your Local Guides profile page to redeem your free Drive storage.

Frequently asked questions about Google Local Guides

Uber (are you ready to call for a lift?)


IN ADDITION to the APPS for a Second Phone,  there is the idea for CHROMEBOOKS for the classroom.

What apps would make sense for a ChromeBook?  These are extensions for the Chrome Book

Canva for designing posters (to create visual impact and to highlight an important idea from history, science, English class, a novel, a movie, or anything that the student wants to "hype" or draw attention to).  Canva as a tool for expression and performances of understanding.


Other projects include the list of requirements for a high school diploma, including

the swim test (at least float)
how to change a car tire
speaking at least 5 phrases in another language
a performance of understanding or exhibition (spoken presentation, recorded and available for public viewing)
Portfolios to show past work.

Coalition to add portfolios and exhibitions to the High School Graduation path in Florida   Students can start building a free website.  This is perhaps the single most useful tip in this list.  I will repeat it.   Tony Wagner of Harvard University has stated that the cheapest innovation that schools can introduce is to ask students to set up a website to display their accomplishments.   What can you do with what you have learned?  (That's the key question.  Not, "What is your SAT score?" or "What is your GPA?")

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FREE WEBSITE PROJECT has two free workshops to offer local groups -- Attract more foot traffic to your next event

TO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS:  Do you need a way to "pull in more foot traffic"?
How about a free workshop?   I'll do these workshops at no charge.   
Lawyers do work "pro bono" and teachers can, too.

Steve McCrea
How can I assist your organization?    FREE WEBSITE PROJECT

I'm a high school teacher with a free website program.

It's a program that is offered in California and I've started a project here in Florida.  It's free.

"Get a free website in under 30 minutes"
Anyone with a gmail account can make a free website
A typical account has 15 gigabytes free for building a site.
Students in California use the free site to display their school work and projects (to show colleges "here's what I did to earn that 3.6 grade point average")
People who want to present their work or who want a free space on the internet can use Google Sites for 

This workshop allows you to use your gmail account to set up a free website.

This presentation is for:
- Teenagers (preparing for college)
- Anyone who has a resume (the website can display the resume)
- Authors and artists who want to create a free DIGITAL PORTFOLIO
 - Parents who want to capture their child's school work (preserve posters and video performances in one place)

It takes 23 minutes to set up a free website. NEEDED:  Wifi for the audience to log into. People in the audience can upload their materials and set up their personal sites during the workshop.



"Get Your Book Published on Amazon for under $10"
Amazon's self-publishing website, Createspace, lets you turn a word document into a book with a barcode, ready to sell in any bookstore.   Steve McCrea, a high school teacher, has published over 35 books using this method, helping his students get their names on Amazon's list of authors.

The 30-minute workshop allows audience members to set up their Createspace account and prepare a document for publication ... printing in black and white (under $5 for a book of 128 pages) or color (starting at $15).  

Intended audiences:
-- students who want to put their poems and journals into print
-- unpublished writers and authors
-- families that want to create an album of photos from a trip.   A typical photo album of 120 photos on 60 pages can be created for under $15.


You can see these materials at

(publish a book for under $10)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Free POWERPOINT about "How to set up a Free Website" is available

Go to to get the free EBOOK

Get a free POWERPOINT at

Here are the important parts of the presentation

or FREE EBOOK  FREE powerpoint slide show   FREE TO DOWNLOAD